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Dr. J Pietro AparicioUnited States - Writer, Contributor
Dr. Jose Pietro Aparicio is a Medical Doctor and also holds a Master in International Public Health. His fields of expertise are Public Health, Risk Management, Performance Improvement and Quality Assurance. He is very interested in technology and social media and is bringing film, video, and emerging technologies into the workplaces of health practitioners globally. As a pioneer in this emerging field of Health Care Media, Dr. Aparicio is also the COO for 72 Dragons, works as a movie producer, and regularly attends the Cannes Film Festival as well as other film markets around the world.
Nagesh AnjayyaIndia - Journalist, Editor and Chief
Nagesh Anjayya is a writer, videographer and our resident reporter in India. Nagesh has spent years in the field acting as a member of the press and publicity team at Cannes Film Festival and as a social media influencer. He is now creating a docu-series centered around spiritual practices in the farthest corners of South Asia. His passion for storytelling is only outdone by his passion for the human spirit.
Hanna KaylorFrance - Journalist, Filmographer
Hannah Kaylor is a reporter and videographer for 72 Dragons Media currently working on assignment in France. Her new docu-series focuses on communities across Europe that are tied together by the human need for film and art. Her project explores the storytelling thread that connects us all regardless of age, class, gender or nationality.
Jimmy ZhongChina - Journalist, Chief Video Editor
Jimmy Zhong is a video journalist and the Chief Video Editor of 72 Dragons Media. Based out of China, he brings to the forefront his knowledge and perspective of eastern politics and culture. His project “Spirit and Matter” is a mix of images, video and live exhibition. Jimmy’s storytelling explores the cultural intersect between American and Chinese spirituality and art.
Will JiaweiChina - Photographer/Videographer, Writer
Will Cai Jiawei is the Regional Manager for 72 Dragons Media China Community. He currently has 5 years experience in the global art market and has produced websites and book publications for The Dragon Year Gallery and Chinese Artists. His reports "Will on the Plane" and "Global / Art / Now" takes art and travel fans with him on a journey through the art world in Asia.