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You’re getting ready for the Cannes Film Festival and you’re panicking.

“What do I do?”

“Where do I go?”

“What is happening?”

These are just a few of the many questions swirling in your head as you run around your room like a chicken with its head sliced off. But many of us on the 72 Dragons Cannes 2019 team have arrived in Cannes for the very first time, and we have some tips that will be sure to put your fears to rest.

1. Get here early.

It’s a total no-brainer that the early bird gets the worm. Getting to the festival even one day earlier makes all the difference. The line for badge claiming stretches for hours on opening day onwards and is a nightmare to deal with, especially on-top of the peaking traffic during the commute from the Nice airport. Having that one extra day allows for some more leeway to settle down and take a breather before the inevitable chaos that is the film festival.

2. Attend the Marché.

While many cinephiles primarily go to Cannes for the movie screenings and the occasional red carpet glamor, don’t discount the sheer value of the Marché du Film. The market makes up a large majority of the film festival’s allure and is a huge boon to any aspiring filmmakers aiming to make connections and mingle with fellow industry professionals. Sign up to either the Producer’s Workshop or the Producer’s Network and enjoy the opportunity to converse and connect with international film professionals.

3. Have business cards and be ready to network.

Speaking of connections, always come prepared with business cards. Have a business card that’s well-designed, so that you stand out from the crowd, and always reach out and try to connect with other people. Film professionals don’t come out to one of the largest film festivals in the world just to keep to themselves. Everyone is looking to meet everyone, so take advantage of this open environment and say hello to anyone holding a badge!

4. Have lodging near the festival.

This will save you from a world of pain. Traveling by car or public transportation is terribly inconvenient, thanks to street closures and traffic issues. So take it from us, and go the extra mile by staying at walking distance from the festival. This will definitely leave a lot more room and time to thoroughly enjoy the festivities and leave you with more energy to go out and meet people.

5. Just have fun.

You’ve probably heard this several times before, but you’ll hear it once more from us. Cannes can certainly be taxing. It can be demanding. It can sometimes be absolutely ridiculous as well, with the hardened security, winding lines and exasperating heat. However, the Cannes Film Festival is also a legacy of international films coming together in harmonious celebration, and it should be appreciated for all that it is. Don’t let the insanity and pressure pull you down under and always remember that your top priority is to have fun and appreciate the chance to connect with filmmakers at the global level.