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CANNES DAY 1 Dr. J Pietro Aparicio - June 24, 2020

The first day at the Marche Du Film was exciting and different. This is the first year the Marche Du Film is a 100% virtual. Thousands of people joined from all over the globe to talk about filmmaking. COVID 19 has been a topic of multiple conversations and discussions. COVID 19 has impacted the film industry as well as all the other industries significantly. Let me share a few of the many gatherings during the first day at the Marche Du Film.

Pandemic Production: Lessons learned in the Nordics.

A group of top directors and producers shared their experiences on managing film and television productions in the middle of COVID 19. They followed the health protocols and recommendation of social distancing and the safety precautions. The countries included are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Creating a new Normal: Intersectionality in the Film Industry

The importance of creativity and business without prejudice and bias. An international group of speakers discussed issues related to racial and gender disparities. One data point mentioned is that the Latinex has the lowest rate of representation in the film industry.

Female Leadership in Global Film and Technology

Two amazing women with a power message, Ari Horie, CEO/Founder of the Silicon Valley-Based women’s startup lab and Brittany Kaiser, Co-Founder of the Own Your Data Foundation. They talked about the power of data, ethical responsibilities and the power of female leadership.

Films have the power to create stereotypes by portraying characters with negative attributes because they look in a particular way. The film industry also has the power to influence society to change negative stereotypes that are damaging and hurtful.

These discussions showed the rich talent, skills and capabilities of the filmmakers independent of nationality, race and gender.

Public health professionals just like filmmakers share the same values and principles that talent, skills and capabilities are inherent to all individuals independent of nationality, race and gender.