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CANNES DAY 3 Dr. J Pietro Aparicio - June 25, 2020

Today was another exciting day at the Marche Du Film in Cannes, France (6/24/2020). A large diversity of topics were discussed : production, distribution, financing, VOD, VR, and other topics of interest for the filmmakers community.

One of the conferences was: Meet the Streamer, The Evolution of VOD platform model: A platform for the European market, exploring the possibilities with TUBI’s Chief Content Officer, Adam Lewinson.

Richard Cooper was the moderator. Mr. Cooper opened the conversation by providing a very insightful analysis of the VOD platform and discussed lots of every informative data. Adam Lewinson mentioned that TUBI is looking into content for children and also for the Spanish speaking market. They talked about how the subscription VOD is reaching a saturation point and discussed other content monetization models that are on the rise.

Another panel, Media Meets Tech 2020: European Film and Media Tech Startups and investors in Focus. It showcased an impressive list of media and tech innovators from a five minutes soap opera on a smartphone to many other cutting age solutions. It was truly a Star Trek experience.

Many if not all of the conferences brought up Covid 19. Covid 19 has accelerated changes in the film industry. Some think of it as a catalyst for change. The film industry was already due for re-adjusting and becoming more inclusive allowing other players big and small to dynamically participate in creating content and make it available to the audiences worldwide.