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One of the world’s leading medical publications, The New England Journal of Medicine, released in 2010, “Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine” a three part, 45 minutes documentary. The documentary explores the evolution of medicine and significant events through the history of medicine.

The first part is called “The Rise of Surgery”. It talks about the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia in 1846 and then takes the viewer to the current sophisticated operating rooms of the large hospitals in developed countries.

The second part is “The story of Leukemia”. It takes the viewer from Dr. Sidney Farber’s treatment of childhood leukemia in 1948 to the modern leukemia treatments.

And the third part is “The Plague of our Time: HIV/AIDS Epidemic”. Dr. Anthony Fauci appears on this documentary because of his work on HIV/AIDS since the first case in the USA in 1968. Dr. Fauci is currently part of the White House Corona Virus Task Force, and Advisor to President Trump.

This fantastic documentary is the product of the collaboration of Medical professionals and filmmakers.

The filmmakers were able to translate what the medical professionals wanted to share with the rest of the world. Filmmakers have the gift to be able to that.

Most health professional and the general public often assume that these film productions can take a short period of time and are relative easier to put together. On the other hand filmmakers quickly realize the amount work and creativity that goes into this film. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into prep-production, production and post-production until the final product.

This is another great example of the amazing symbiosis between Health Professional and Filmmaker.

Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine

Dr. Pietro Aparicio

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