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What is information? Information is everywhere; we get information constantly through the parents at home, at school, at work. And now, we get lots of information through social media. Information is the first step toward change.

Information is key in Public Health.

Who owns the information? Who has the information? who has the best information? Who has the most accurate information on Health? Doctors, nurses, public health worker, health professionals, researchers, and international organizations as well as locals ones are the producers and keepers of that information.

Health providers are interested on this information because they are interested in change, and change begins with information. In order to change human behaviors, we need to start by getting the right information.

International organizations such the World Health Organization (WHO) based in Geneva, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) based in Washington, DC and whose coverage is mostly Latin America are making great efforts to get the right information to millions of people all over the world whose lives depend on having access to the right information. It is imperative that the information makes sense to them, and it strong enough to cause change in their daily lives. These changes could mean the difference between a healthy life, or disease or premature death.

Doctors, nurses, public health professionals, they are all great! They are very committed to help their patients. They are very knowledgeable and great practitioners of the Art of Healing. Unfortunately, not all health professionals are great communicators.

We know that there is a group out there who are great communicators; they are the FILMMAKERS.

People in the film industry really know how to get their message across. They really know how to get to people. They intuitively understand the differences among age groups, languages and cultures. Public Health experts are always talking how to best provide services that are age, language and cultural appropriate. It is interesting that Filmmakers really know how to get their message across effectively to different groups. And their message besides being effective, it is entertaining and often beautiful. What better way to get your message across!

72 Dragons Health is a marriage between both worlds. 72 Dragons Health knows how to research, get the best and the most accurate health information from top reliable resources and health experts. 72 Dragons Health also has a foot in the Film Production Industry. 72 Dragons has married filmmakers and health professionals.

72 Dragons Health wants to get that key health information across.

72 Dragons Health wants the information to be effective and make a chance. A change means a better quality of life.

72 Dragons is here combining these two worlds for a better world, for a healthier world

Dr. Pietro Aparicio

72 Dragons Health