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Toronto’s film industry is burgeoning with talent. Previously, we took a look at some noteworthy actors from the entertainment hub. But guess what? The city’s actresses are just as deserving of the spotlight, so here are the young women of Toronto making waves in the acting world.

Hana Holubec

Starting off this list is Toronto-native Hana Holubec. She is an up and coming actress and writer, focused and based in Toronto, with many leading roles in various independent feature films and shorts. Her career has only begun to pick up, with her more recent and well-known film projects including The Ex (2018), Impostor Syndrome (2018) and Bad Dose (2018).

Holubec is a budding actress and comedian, with an aptitude for improvisation and performances that encapsulate human nature, but she is also an aspiring screenwriter. It is still too early in the game to see where she takes her career, but it is sure to be one filled with potential.

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Jess Salgueiro

Jess Salgueiro is an actress, playwright and singer based in both Los Angeles and Toronto. She has placed on TIFF’s Rising Stars of 2018, as well as made appearances on television shows such as Orphan Black (2013-2017), The Strain (2014-2017), Kim’s Convenience (2016-present) and the more recent The Ninth (2019). She has also starred in TIFF-premiered feature films Mary Goes Round and Mouthpiece.

Salgueiro is currently starring in television series The Boys, which is slated for premiere in late July. She is also a part of online publication BitchesbeWitches, which is focused on positivity and self-love both mentally and physically. This rising starlet’s career is only blossoming, and we definitely see her going on to inspire more people with her creativity and passion.

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Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose has captured the attention of many for her role on popular TV hit Degrassi: The Next Generation (2011-2013). However, the 24-year-old actress has also made it onto big screen productions like Bruce McDonald’s Hellions (2015) and Pyewacket (2017), the former of which earning her a place on IndieWire’s “9 Up-and-Coming Actors to Watch For.” However, her leading performance as Bree on M. H. Murray and Sara Tamosauskas’s web series Teenagers propelled her career upwards with several award nominations and critical acclaim.

With an array of solid acting credits under her belt, Rose’s career prospects look bright. This rising starlet has come a long way since her early days on Degrassi, and we look forward to seeing what she has in store next.

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Michaela Kurimsky

Finally, we have Ryerson University graduate and 2018 TIFF Rising Star Michaela Kurinmsky, who is based in Toronto. Kurimsky is an actress, writer, director and professional singer, having written and directed People’s Choice Award-winning film Alouette (2014) as a university student, and starred alongside Karena Evans in her feature film debut Firecrackers (2018).

The amount of actors and actresses with such a high quality resume so early in their career is very small. With 2018 being Kurimsky’s breakout year, her versatile set of talents could take her anywhere, and her journey is sure to be an exciting one to follow, especially now when her career is blooming with potential.