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A project sets parameters. Unexplored dimensions or angles can be viewed. A clear working mindset is needed and then the good work follows. One of the ideal processes to experience and enhance your photography skills is by setting a ‘Photography Project Target’. Accomplishing these project ideas could bring you strength particularly with artistic vision, connection, work folio, memories, and knowledge.

If you are dreaming about advancing and enhancing your photography skills, this article could guide you through the best possible ways. In the following article we’ll focus on: What are the ideas? Why are these ideas worthwhile? How do you execute these ideas?

1. Project ‘Look Around’

Every day we explore something new around us, but seldom do we focus on them. Well, you should start looking around with your camera to capture some of the minimalist yet surreal shots.

2. Project ‘365 Days’

Don’t forget to carry your camera with you throughout the day. Stop worrying about what others are going to feel. Don’t get lazy and distracted. The time you don’t have your camera with you is the one time you’ll feel you missed a lot.

3. Project ‘Street Rush’

Each day we travel for our work or normally go out. Well, streets, transportation are something we all use. However, capturing your street can itself show you the different aspects. Street photography should be raw, beautiful and an instant storytelling content. Now you need to decide your subject. Do you want to capture subways, buses, markets, buildings, streets? Even bikes give you options you can experiment with photographically.

4. Project ‘Mix-Composition’

The use of a unique Composition in each photo will make your work strong, recognizable and stand out from others. Projects are often about keeping one thing constant. Mixing and creating a new composition whatever you see around you like a half face with a collective background, minimalist photographs of different body parts with a compact inner story in it. The use of a strong composition in every project will help you grow.

5. Project ‘Rare Silhouettes’

Silhouettes can give your picture the best look and can make it look worth a million dollars. To click silhouette pictures you need to click against a strong light. Usually, dawn and dusk are the golden hours for the best output. If you want to click the perfect silhouette picture, street photography is the best option because with this form of photography you will want to get strong silhouettes, with defined shapes.

6. Project ‘Multiple Mood’

A photograph means expressing emotion with your vision. Start clicking pictures of the people, block in various aspects and different moods because your photographs don’t need to look serious all the time. The scene doesn’t need to be funny. Capturing a scene that shows the warmth of a genuine smile isn’t easy but will be a great street photo.

Whatever photography project you opt for, remember to stay composed, focused. Create and maintain the essence of authenticity. Boost-up your imaginary thought process. Showcase your best work in an appropriate platform and ask for the feedback which can guide your flaws. Never step-back to shoot out of your comfort zone. Create and implement new hacks, techniques, and calculation methods to bring out the finest version of your creative suite. Most importantly stay motivated.